About Us

RESHAM SUTRA is a renewable energy based Rural Livelihood enabling company.
We are focused on rural Silk yarn production and fabric weaving, which are the largest non-farm rural employment options in many states of India.
We have innovated a number of machines that make these activities more paying, improve quality and remove drudgery.
We have registered office in Jharkhand, manufacturing facility in Delhi and presence in 14 states of India.

We make Machines that bring Happiness 🙂




We have Service centers in Delhi, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand.
We will soon have new Service centers in Assam, Karnataka and Maharashtra.
Our products are offered in following regions –


Sustainable employment
We will facilitate creation of sustainable employment in rural areas to reduce poverty.

Women Empowerment
We focus on empowering women through opportunities of self employment in reeling, spinning & weaving.

Financial Innovations
We will enable financial linkages of user groups with financial institutions, offering them best options to financial independence.

Technology innovations
We will develop user friendly, renewable energy based machines that reduce drudgery and improve income for users.

Environmental protection
We will encourage protection of forests, water resources and environment. We are committed to promoting Solar power to be fully sustainable.

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