What We Do

Our Solutions

  • Differentiating what we do from who we are is a difficult task because our identity is woven into our actions.
  • But, to put it succinctly, Resham Sutra is in the business of creating value – not just for ourselves, but for all the stakeholders who make us one of the most innovative social entrepreneurs in our field. We educate and enable rural workers – primarily women – to join the silk yarn creation economy. The simple idea is that we are part of almost every step of the economic value chain.
  • At Resham Sutra, we provide access to sources of raw material; we provide cost-effective, energy efficient, environment-friendly machines to our rural producers; we provide safe locations where our women producers can come together to work on machines they own; and finally, we provide a marketplace where our producers can sell their products at a competitive price.
  • In short, Resham Sutra promotes development in rural economies by enabling women from marginalised communities to gain financial independence.

Eco System


Traditionally, the rural women used thigh reeling technique, passed down the generations to make yarn out of the cocoon. This method had adverse effect on their back and thighs. This job was socially looked down upon and done by backward classes. The rural women depended on middlemen on supply of cocoon and selling of yarn and thus got exploited. The larger share of profits was taken away by these middlemen.

Beyond just making and selling rural-livelihood enabling machines powered by clean energy, Resham Sutra aims to make the impact sustainable by going just beyond machinery. 

Resham Sutra is focussed on setting-up of Rural Experience Centres (REC) as a one-stop hub for the beneficiaries to get familiarized with the innovative machines being offered. 

Resham Sutra has today expanded its business model to provide end-to end support to the producers including training, access to raw material, setup of rural business and offline and online marketplace to sell their products.


Our user-friendly digital platform facilitates:

  • Business Administration
    • Simple ERP for buying, production management, and sales
    • Recording all the transactions to make traceability easier
  • Business Development
    • Training activities
    • Community platform for information exchange
  • Products Marketing
    • Cocoons
    • Yarns
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