About us

Resham Sutra is a social enterprise working with the vision of enabling, empowering and organizing underprivileged rural artisan communities locally towards Self-sufficiency and Financial independence through sustainable innovations.

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Business Model

We integrate 'Farm to Fabric' rural textile value-chain; establishing infrastructure for Production, Certification and Sales.

  • Progressive Silk farming collectives.
  • Rural Experience Centres - Skill training & awareness. 
  • Raw material banks - year-round Raw material support to producers. 
  • Rural Facility Centres - organized production centers in villages.
  • Testing & Certification - Rural Labs certify product quality and oigin.
  • Digital platform – common ground for all stakeholders.
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Breakthrough innovations for rural textile & silk producers

  • 400% higher productivity
  • 90% more energy efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Over 20,000 machines installed
  • Affordable Solar power options
  • Finance & subsidy support available

Gramsootra connects all the stakeholders in the rural textile value chain including the weavers, the yarn producers, the raw material producers. This platform helps the producers to carry out their business operations effectively, procure inputs more efficiently, and sell the finished products on the app effortlessly.

Our Partners

  • Selco Foundation

  • Meghalaya State Livelihood Society

  • Prerna Ojas

  • Acumen Academy

  • .Jharcraft

  • Central Silk Board

  • State of Odisha

  • Council on Energy Environment and Water

  • Villgro

  • State of Chhattisgarh

  • Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society

  • Aurora Trust

  • Upaya Social Ventures

Our Impact

Reliable, consistent and dignified livelihood opportunities to make rural women financially independant.

Success Stories

Hopeful, believing rural communities climbing up the social ladder; create more hope for the future generations.

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