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Meghalaya State Livelihood Society signs MOU with Reshamsutra



The MOU envisages for sustainable development of silk industry in the rural areas of Meghalaya with objectives towards -


  1. Quality and productivity improvement: in silk cocoons farming and yarn and fabric production with the introduction of better techniques and technologies.


  1. Improving cocoons production: Ensure a steady production of good quality Cocoons to support downstream spinning and weaving activities.


  1. Promote Silk spinning, reeling and weaving: Introduce value addition to the locally produced cocoons to generate more value for the rural producers.


  1. Establish necessary marketing linkages for rural silk produce: develop better market network for rurally produced silk products in the region and implement digital marketplace connectivity.


  1. Capacity Building: introduce better techniques by training existing farmers, spinners and weavers as well as bring fresh talent from the state in the industry.


  1. Infrastructure Development: develop physical and digital infrastructure to ensure long term sustainability of rural silk production activities in the region.


  1. Institution development: support and promote formation of locally owned and operated institutions including micro-enterprises, Farmer Producer Companies and Self Help Groups.


  1. Bring in investments and business support to the sector in the state: bring additional investments from investors in India and abroad for the benefit of the sector’s growth in the state and attract fresh talent and bring in experts from different fields to support the business activities in the state.
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